Highlights & Events of the week

  • Student Development Program(SDP): Class 1st to 10th.
  • Shloka Chanting: Nursery.
  • Visit to Apiculture(GKVK): Class 7th.
  • Prachanna Vesha Spardhe: LKG.
  • Sports Day: Class 1st to 4th.

News & Events

  • CBSE Class 10th Result
  • Between 95%-100% : 11 Students
  • Between 90%-94% : 24 Students
  • Between 80%-89% : 16 Students
  • Between 70%-79% : 05 Students
  • Between 60%-69% : 04 Students
  • Between 55%-59% : 01 Student
  • Overall we got 100% result.



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Panchamukhi Shikshana

"RASHTROTTHANA VIDYA KENDRA" a CBSE school was established during 2006-07. The basic system of education is known as "Panchamukhi Shikshana", a value based education for the all round development of a child which comprises of Intellectual, Emotional, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual education, known as Gurukula System of Education..

Indoor and outdoor games along with Martial art ‘Karate' are conducted to make the child physically fit as healthy mind revolves round healthy body. ....

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Children are "Emotionally" enriched by learning dance, drama, music, art and crafts along with celebration of various Jayanthi's and Festivals of our rich Bharatiya . ....

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Yoga is essentially a way of life that integrates the means of harmonizing the body, mind and spirit that elevates the child psychologically. ....

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We provide the psychological and academic ambience by ensuring vibrant creative and innovative environment to the child, ....

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We ensure "Spiritual " environment filled with serenity, joy and beauty which are consciously cultivated through prayers, ....

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