Life @ RVK


  • RVK students excel academically and in co-scholastic areas.
  • They approach friends, family, and society with a holistic mindset, demonstrating self-discipline and respect for elders.
  • Students are diligent in their studies and active in assembly proceedings. They value Indian culture and diverse programs.
  • Respecting elders and embracing Indian values is a hallmark. Inspired by diverse assembly proceedings, students emphasise community and family, actively participating in community activities.
  • They strive for academic excellence and technical skills, diligently pursuing goals. Engaging in inter-school competitions, they bring pride to the school with their achievements.


The parents In the RVK community show remarkable support and cooperation, creating a positive and conducive learning environment.
  • They actively participate in their child’s education by attending meetings, orientation programs, and school events such as sports competitions, exhibitions, and Prathibha Pradarshan, contributing to positive changes in collaboration with the school.
  • Several parents volunteer for student counselling, event organisation, and fundraising.
  • Parents generously sponsor various school activities and events. Their care extends to blood donation camps and assisting with assignments.
  • The Mathru Bharathi team empowers women through skill-sharing sessions.
  • Through the Mathru Bhojana programs, parents prepare and serve meals on special school occasions.


The teachers at RVK are highly qualified and dedicated.
  • They stay informed through workshops and webinars, continuously improving their teaching methods. With a passion for their subjects, they engage students, making learning meaningful and inspiring.
  • Their excellent communication skills create a positive learning environment. These teachers are flexible, tailoring approaches to diverse student needs and incorporating various activities. Fuelled by creativity, they go beyond traditional norms to make education enjoyable and memorable.
  • They foster connections, provide constructive feedback, and contribute significantly to the school’s mission. Their dedication creates a transformative learning environment, enriching students’ lives beyond the classroom.


Pradhanacharya is the head of the institution and directly handles all academic matters, ensuring uniformity across RVK CBSE schools and establishing a well-organized framework for school operations. The school administrator handles all administrative activities related to the school, including setting financial goals, planning budgets, and making strategic financial decisions that align with the school’s vision and educational objectives.

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