Pre-primary Education

At the pre-primary stage, we focus on skill development through various activities in a nurturing environment.

  • Children explore the Montessori lab with guided and unguided activities.
  • They learn to eat and drink independently.
  • They improve their social skills through playing, singing, and turn-taking.
  • Activities like prayers and moral stories instil values and foster spiritual growth.


Studies have shown that cognitive and intellectual development is faster in those fluent in their mother tongue. Language plays a crucial role in knowledge acquisition and expression.

Gokulam – Māthruchaya” is an early childhood education initiative by Rashtrotthana Parishat that offers foundational education in Kannada for Pre-KG to class 2 students. The program includes subjects like Kannada, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, and other languages like English, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

  • The teaching approach involves child-centred methods like hands-on activities, nature exploration, storytelling, and learning through interactive boards.
  • It focuses on holistic development in five core areas – Physical & sensorial, social & emotional, intellectual, linguistic (LSRW skills), habit formation, values, and cultural awareness.
  • The program connects children to their cultural heritage through Kannada, cultivating skills for lifelong learning and personal growth.

Primary Education

Learning is a creation, not consumption. Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs but something a learner creates.

  • The children go deeper into scholastic activities such as reading, writing, and math at the primary level.
  • They also participate in extracurricular activities like exercise, music, and sports to keep them physically and mentally fit.
  • They engage in student development programs, assemblies, celebrations, and subject enrichment activities to showcase their creativity and talents.
  • Rewards and certificates motivate them to follow discipline and participate enthusiastically in competitions.

High School Education

High school education focuses on personality development, preparing students for future success. This includes equal attention to academics, sports, and non-academic pursuits.

  • In addition to English, our students learn three Indian languages – Kannada, Hindi, and Sanskrit with a strong emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in all languages. Activities and integration across subjects enhance learning. Teachers encourage art integration and a multidisciplinary approach to accommodate diverse learning styles.
  • Interactive classroom panels facilitate effective communication between teachers and students, promoting a better understanding of concepts. Varied teaching methods include an inquiry-based approach to develop critical thinking skills.
  • We regularly update the curriculum and review the teaching-learning process to keep students engaged. The Student Development Program nurtures leadership and self-management skills, providing various opportunities for knowledge and skill enhancement.
  • A wide range of co-scholastic activities, including field trips, arts, yoga, sports, and more, maximise individual potential and interests beyond academics. Additionally, specialised coaching is available for various sports, providing students with a well-rounded education.

Secondary Education

Our CBSE curriculum offers a multidisciplinary approach at the secondary level, allowing students to choose their subjects and languages.

  • Experienced faculty work tirelessly to achieve excellent results by planning, setting goals, reviewing, and making innovative changes.
  • With a well-integrated methodology, we prepare students for competitive exams like JEE and NEET at our Arkavathy, Banashankari and Dharwad centres.
  • Our well-equipped labs, literary, heritage, math, science clubs, field trips, and NCC training provide hands-on experiences that enhance critical thinking and curiosity. We also encourage students to excel in sports, visual arts, and performing arts.
  • In addition to scholastic activities, we offer co-scholastic opportunities to develop life skills. Our standardised approach improves the institution’s overall quality, and our new R&D initiatives are helping us become self-sustained.
  • At RVK, we strongly emphasise promoting cultural values and moulding our students into valuable assets for society.
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