Student's Council

Chatra Diggajaha

Welcome to another great year, brought to you by your student council! The student council were selected by our faculty members on the basis of their academic performance, leadership qualities and other social skills.

Session 2013-2014

S.No Name of the Students Class Position
01. Nekhal X School Captain
02. Sandhya X School Vice Captain
03. Sailesh IX Sports Captain
04. Varsha IX Sports Vice Captain
05. Arun IX Band Captain
06. Pranav IX Band Vice Captain
07. Vishnu Vijayan IX Takshashila House Captain
08. Vishnu Prabhu IX Prefect
09. Nitin S VIII Prefect
10. Pranjal Singh VIII Prefect
11. Kirani VIII Prefect
12. Prachi Singh IX Vikramshila House Captain
13. Manasvi IX Prefect
14. Shreya IX Prefect
15. Sneha R VIII Prefect
16. Renganathan VIII Prefect
17. Sai Raj IX Kanchi House Captain
18. Pallavi IX Prefect
19. Gnana Soundarya IX Prefect
20. Pavan Kumar VIII Prefect
21. Neha Jayan VIII Prefect
22. Yuktha IX Nalanda House Captain
23. Sruthi IX Prefect
24. Roshini IX Prefect
25. Sailendran IX Prefect
26. Rithika VIII Prefect

Student Council

  1. To officially represent all the students in the school.
  2. To identify and help to solve problems encountered by students in the school.
  3. To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing school activities.

Responsibilities Of The Student Council

  1. To inform students about any subject that concerns them.
  2. To consult students on any issue of importance.
  3. To organize financial campaigns for school life and charitable activities.
  4. To organize educational and recreational activities for students.
  5. To participate in developing the school's educational projects and to promote it.
  6. To organize an activity to recognize the efforts of students involved in organizing school activities.
  7. To propose activities to the school administration that would improve the quality of life in the school.
  8. To maintain good relations out of mutual respect with the school staff (the Principal, teaching and non-teaching personnel) and parents.
  9. To have fun!