JGRVK Library is the centre of attraction of academics. It is well equipped in subjects like English, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Social Science, Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, etc. Apart from this it also has unique collection of more than 6000 books and 10 reputed children magazines like Gokulam, Champak, Viveka prabha, Magic Pot, Tell me Why?, Viveka Sampada, Wisdom, Readers' Digest and Journals . It also receives important publications like Organiser, Prabuddha Bharath, Pathway Education World, Vikrama, Pungava, Sadhana Sourabha, Rashtrotthana Vartha, many handwritten articles, drawings, paintings written by the students and teachers are displayed. JGRVK library receives newsletters, Newspapers. The library also has a substantial collection of CD-ROMs, VCDs, and DVDs .