Students Experience

A teacher, a pen, a book and a school can change the world in the same way our Rashtrotthana school not only teaches a child to mlearn but also motivates him/her to discover something new. Teaching is act of optimiscem today at any moment i am confident and ready for tommorow challenges means its just because of our school Rashtrotthana and most importantly because of my dearest teachers. i am so proud to be in such a school which has provided me a bridge to cross over all difficulties and taught me to build the bridge on my own. Rashtrotthana taught me to run behind excellence but not marks. many difficulties arise during my school days even for my friends but our school taught us that the difficulties are not to paralise you but to know your hidden potential. Lastly , being a student of Rashtrotthana i suggest my young friends that be a good student for your teacher , be a good child for your parents, be a great citizen for your nation. 

Teachers Experience

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Parents Experience

The school starts every academic year in a very meaningful way by performing " VIDYARAMBHAM" and starts everyday  with school prayers which includes chanting of Bhagavadgeeeta and closes the day by doing bhajans.