Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam

Affiliation No: 830161

Personalized Teaching-Learning

The school strictly adheres to the policies as they form the base of the platform for the future and further development. Children - the ‘God of man' are treated in a way that would provide insight into their behaviours and mould them more solidly into a person of characters.

We make the child understand, analyze, assimilate, reciprocate their learning – character building or academics.

Communicative approach of teaching mixed withlay hand learning,group discussions, debates, Seminars,trips,Audiocds, radioshows, quiz, experiments,fieldvisit,PowerPointpresentations, are being adopted to give more clarified and effective learning. Understanding of the basic concepts is given more stress so as to give justice to the young minds.

Individual Attention Is Facilitated

Guest lectures are also given periodically to aid the growth and development of the child.Rvk clearly understands the ‘ only one child of mine to one among the 15', so due care is taken to develop each and every child.

Student – Teacher Ratio As A Policy Will Be 15:1

Medium of instruction at RVK-A is English.