Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam

Affiliation No: 830161


  • right-lit and well-stocked library is provided.
  • The collection includes latest volumes of books on science, humanities, spiritual, social and general topics.
  • Seating arrangement is student friendly & a separate reading room with dailies, weeklies, monthlies in English, Hindi & Kannada are provided with well equipped accessories.
  • CDs and audio cassettes that cover a panoramic spectrum of subjects to satisfy the urge to learn are also provided.
  • The library is constantly acquiring new titles to stay updated.
  • Periodicals and journals are subscribed to.
  • Library rules are set and regular periods are allotted from class 1 - 10.

RVK's – Knowledge Bank: (Library)

Throughout the world the library of a school is considered as part & parcel of the academic set – up. It is created and maintained to serve and support the educational activities of the school. So library periods are assigned in the regular time table for all the classes. Students use the library during this period to get the books issued or returned or reading.

To fulfill the objectives of library following guidelines are made:

Library Advisory Committee

  • Library committee is formed
  • Library committee comprises of:
    • Principal
    • Vice Principal
    • Librarian
    • 9 teachers (all subjects and language)
    • 6 students from 8-9 std. (2 students from each class)

Book Selection:

The selection of books & other information resources is one of the most important task of library functions.

Every month list of necessary books or other related materials is collected from the teachers through the ‘Indent Form". This will be approved by committee comprising subject teachers, chairperson & librarian.

Promoting Reading Habit:

One of the important tasks of the school library is to inculcate reading habits among the young generation.

  • The students are made aware of the variety of books available in the library.
  • Given guidance on how to select books, how to read them, how to take notes, how to relate information collected from various books & handling of books.
  • It includes the loan procedures, knowledge of books, audio visual materials, computer assisted facilities, use of reference books.

Library Programmes:

  • For children of class I to III ‘Story Hour" is conducted in supplement with books, cassettes, CDs.
  • Story narration by children is encouraged.
  • By giving book reviews, students are made aware of various books and are helped to choose the books of their interest.
  • Students are encouraged to write book reviews.

Library Week

Although the library programmes go on throughout the year, we are organizing Library week every year to capture the attention of the whole school on the value of books, the habit of reading and to make the school community more library - conscious.

During library week a whole variety of programmes will take place catering to the interests of each age group of students. The programmes may include talks & lectures, book exhibition, book reviews, Silent reading classes, several competitions according to their classes.