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Principal's Desk

It is my great pleasure to serve our mission work “To empower our students to excel academically, imbibing in them ageless cultural values and the spirit of patriotism in order to develop into holistic persons with character, compassion, scientific temper and a global outlook”.. I feel proud to work for this vision and mission statement with my learned and highly qualified dedicated team members under the guidance of experienced Rashtrotthana Parishat Karyakartas.

I find a tremendous positive energy in our students and team members, which makes the learners to feel “I am not one among thousands; I am a unique one who has come here to achieve something great in my Life”. I feel it is precious opportunity to serve here.


Ranganatha H A


Following are the few anecdotes which are observed in the session

Ashish, student of class VII was on the way to school with his bicycle. He saw a tricycle rider while he was crossing the railway line. He understood that tricycle rider struggling to climb up the road which is height. Immediately he parked the bicycle on the road side and ran to the tricycle rider and pushed tricycle until he crossed the railway line. He reacted to the situation without any sign from the tricycle rider. After that He took his bicycle and reached the school.

Children of class II participated in 50mtr running event in annual sports meet 2015-16. Gunn, student of class II who was running in the race looked back and saw her friend Moksha is behind her. She suddenly stopped running and stood in the middle of the track and encouraged her friend Moksha to reach the finishing line. Moksha reached the finishing line and stood 1st position where as Gunn who encouraged her friend. She would have reached the finishing and stood 2nd position but she didn’t do that instead encouraged her friend. She was the real winner and that was a wonderful human act to watch in sports and in any other competitions.

Observed by, Shruthi V Patil Date: 18-12-16

A Child of class IV was walking in a line in school’s corridor. The school bell which is hanging in the corner was swinging as it was very heavy, it might cause injury to the students who were walking in the line. This child who was back on the line came running and hold the swinging bell without any instruction. The child holds the bell and stood till all the children moved. This is the example for great human value which child put it in action.

Observed by, Pradhanacharya ji, Date: 5-1-16

Classroom teaching & its effect when the child has learned about the clothes, history of clothes it wrote a letter to PM, office on 17th Jan 2016, by requesting PM to make Khadi as a national cloth & make compulsory to wear in national festivals. This is the transformation through learning which is happening in our school. The reply received from the PM office is, your valuable comments on the Khadi sector has been well taken and the case may be disposed of consider as one of the excellent idea.

These are few observations unnoticed many such kind of examples will come across in your children please encourage. The 21st century children will jump into the action.

Jai Hind