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Affiliation No: 830483

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Affiliation No: 830483

Bharatiya Culture

In ancient times Bharatiyas lived a life of morality and integrity and enjoyed peace and happiness. To make our student strive to understand what is great in their own Bharatiya culture and heritage, we in our school celebrate all the festivals by following rituals apt for the event. Students are made to recognize the meaning of the saying, " Mother and Mother land are greater than heaven itself" by making them take part in all the National festivals like Independence day, Republic Day, Hindu Samrajyadina etc. They enjoy all the activities and learn Patriotism. Our prayer "Om SarveBhavantuSukhinah, SarveSantuNir-Aamayaah| ,SarveBhadraanniPashyantu, MaaKashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |, Om ShaantihShaantihShaantih || teaches our children "Let us live together and let us grow together". Our teaching spreads the message of selfless unity among the children and never permits selfishness to prevail.